The Montauk Century 2008

The Tradition Continues

It started in 1964 when two cyclists pedaled from NYC to Montauk. Ridership increased to 17 in 1968 and 47 in 1970. The Montauk Century, then sponsored by the Bicycle Committee of AYH (predecessor to the 5BBC), became an annual event and one of New York's bicycling traditions.

Click here for an article on the early history of this ride.

The tradition continues. On this year's 44th annual Montauk Century, two thousand cyclists will pedal the back roads from the city through the Hamptons to the ocean.

Why the 5BBC runs the best trip to Montauk

The Five Borough Bicycle Club has been riding to Montauk since the lighthouse was built in the 1700s. Seriously, weve been doing it so long that we know it cold. The ride is in our blood and Montauk is our home away from home. If its the third Sunday in May you will find the 5BBC in Montauk, plain and simple. We rely on our networks of friends and family to make the ride the best each year.

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Danny Lieberman, Special Events Coordinator
The Montauk Century 2008

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