The Five Borough Bicycle Club presents

The Montauk Century 2008

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Transportation is available for you and your bike!
Your choice of three distances:
65 miles • 100 miles • 145 miles
Your choice of two check-in points:
Manhattan • Babylon, LI
Great rest areas • Full S.A.G. support • All routes end in Montauk
Free hot meal, free showers, and free massage at the finish line

The tradition continues. For 44 years, May in New York has meant the Montauk Century bicycle ride. Our riders enjoy bike-friendly low-traffic routes, beautiful back road scenery, and views of the water.

We offer two check-in points: Penn Station in Manhattan and the LIRR station in Babylon, Long Island.

We offer three start lines with route distances of 65, 100, and 145 miles. All routes end in Montauk where you can get a free hot meal, free shower, free massage, and transportation home for you and your bike.

On Montauk day, you can pack a bag with a change of clothes. We'll put your bag in our private truck so it will be waiting for you when you get to Montauk.

On our 65-mile route, you can choose an optional escorted ride with trained 5BBC leaders – perfect if this is your first long-distance ride.

On our 145-mile route, we offer an optional two day Montauk weekend mini-vacation if you'd rather not ride this distance in one day.

We still have the best S.A.G. support in the U.S., in case you need help along the way.

To help get you ready for Montauk, we offer a series of free training rides.

You can be a volunteer for the Montauk Century, and ride for free.

Any questions? Like where do I check in? When do I have to be there? Where do I get Montauk jerseys and T-shirts? We've got the answers to these questions and other things you need to know on our details page.

And we’re off! Registration for Montauk is now open and ready to serve you.

Sign up now for the Montauk Century 2008 and get the best price. The price will go up before you can say “Amagansett” so please sign up early! Yes, the price has gone up, because our costs have gone up. Some (like the cost of gas) have skyrocketed, and that impacts what we have to charge you. We are doing our best to keep the increase modest and still deliver a terrific ride.

Danny Lieberman, Special Events Coordinator
The Montauk Century 2008