[5BBC - New York's Five Borough Bicycle Club]

The 5BBC Bulletin Board

The 5BBC Bulletin Board is a great place to discuss rides, check for ride updates and cancellations, search for riding partners, discuss cycling politics, ask about bikes and accessories, or anything related to cycling or the 5BBC.

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While anyone can read the board, only current 5BBC members can post to it. If you would like to post, you'll need to sign up for the board. Within a few days, we will confirm that you are a current 5BBC member and you will receive an email notifying you of your approval. To avoid the possibility of a filter tagging the email notification and postings as spam, we suggest adding the domain googlegroups.com to your safe address list. And once you've signed up for the bulletin board and wish to change your email address, go to this page.

Let us know what you think. And let other 5BBC members know they can join the bulletin board too!
If you are having trouble posting messages and: Try this:
You are not a 5BBC member. Join the 5BBC now! After you join, allow 1-2 weeks for your membership to be activated before you follow the instructions in the next section below where it says "You are a 5BBC member, but not (yet) a member of the 5BBC Bulletin Board." If you have joined the club and are in a hurry to post, email communications@5bbc.org.
You are a 5BBC member, but not (yet) a member of the 5BBC Bulletin Board. Go to the Bulletin Board and click "New users: Join" in the upper left corner. If you already have a Google account, sign into it and on the next page, click "Join this group". If you have never set up a Google account, you'll need to set one up. After you've established your Google account, you can then sign up for the board by logging in with your new Google account. After you join, it may take up to a week to activate your posting privileges. If you are in a hurry to post, email communications@5bbc.org.
You are a 5BBC member AND a member of the 5BBC Bulletin Board, but are still not allowed to post. A spurious message appears at the top of the screen: "You cannot post messages because only members can post, and you are not currently a member." Phooey! You are a member. Go to the Bulletin Board, click "Members: Sign in" in the upper left corner, and give 'em your email and password. This must be the email and password which you gave for the Bulletin Board. It might not be the same email and password as you gave for 5BBC membership. Alternatively, you can go to your email application and send your message (from the same email address that you are using for the Bulletin Board) to 5BBC@googlegroups.com. If you are a Bulletin Board member and can't get past this point, email communications@5bbc.org.

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Jim Zisfein
5BBC Communications Coordinator