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5BBC Mobile

Want to know what's happening this week at your favorite bike club? Even when you're away from your computer? Bookmark http://5bbc.org/mobile.sht on your cell phone browser for an up-to-date listing of 5BBC rides and events.

Don't you hate it when you pedal, drive, or transit through the rain to the ride start point, only to find out the ride was cancelled? Get ride cancellation messages from the 5BBC bulletin board delivered fresh to your cell phone. Click here to enter your cell phone email address, and here to start bulletin board email delivery. And go back home and get some sleep.

Use your membership benefits

You're a resourceful 5BBC member. You enjoy your bi-monthly Bicycletter, subscribe to the email 5BBC Weekly Update, and save money on the Montauk Century bike tour, 5BBC weekend trips, and bike repair classes. But, did you borrow our bike case for free on your last vacation? Or enjoy a ride on your own, using one of our cue sheets? Or flash your 5BBC membership card for discounts at your local bike shop? Or try out our bulletin board (see below)?

5BBC membership has its benefits. Use them now, and remember them when it's time to renew!

Bike shop discounts

You know by now that your 5BBC membership gives you discounts at many NYC-area bike shops. But do you get a discount at your favorite bike shop? If not, you can fix that! Take this form to any bike store and give it to the manager. The store will profit from increased sales to bike-savvy customers, and you and other club members will save even more on bicycle parts and accessories.

Bulletin board for 5BBC members

Our bulletin board is a great place to discuss rides, check for ride updates and cancellations, search for riding partners, discuss cycling politics, ask about bikes and accessories, or anything related to cycling or the 5BBC.

Cue sheets!

5BBC members have access to our burgeoning cue sheet library.

Please note. Cue sheets cannot be relied on for any purpose and are subject to errors which increase over time. 5BBC and the authors of these cue sheets are not responsible for any cycling injuries, missed appointments, paper cuts, or any other losses, real or imagined, due to use or misuse of these cue sheets.

Be a leader

Students and Instructors
The Leadership Training Class of 2007

Why do 5BBC ride leaders do what they do? For your webmaster, it's the pleasure of helping others - especially new and inactive riders - to experience the joy of bicycling.

How about you? Would you like to share your favorite ride? To help get new riders on the saddle? To take experienced riders faster, farther, and higher? To boldly go where no one has gone before?

Our next Leadership Training Course will be offered in Spring 2008. We've got the details here.

Another reason to be a leader

We have leader awards! Leaders who lead 3 or more rides in a year get a free club membership for the following year. And hyperactive leaders who lead 7 or more rides get a modest monetary award as well.

Here is the list of leaders who led rides in 2007.

Club roster

Here is the online 5BBC club roster of member names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

This roster is published solely for the private use of Five Borough Bicycle Club members. The information in this document is neither to be used for commercial purposes nor for mass mailings or mass e-mailings of any sort.

All members are encouraged to be listed. The club promises never to distribute your personal information outside of the club without your express permission. Nonetheless, members can ask to be removed from the roster at the time of joining or membership renewal, or at any time by making an email request to info@5bbc.org. Please specify if you want to have just your address, phone number, or email address removed, or if you want your entire listing not to appear.

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