5BBC - New York's Five Borough Bicycle Club


These photos are from the Montauk Century, May 20, 2007.

Photos by Jim Zisfein

We have trucks ... and we have a rainbow! Dawn at Penn Station.
Another year, another photo of the Montauk sign with bicycle. The tradition continues.
Ducks? Geese? Who knows? Who cares? Waterfowl at the lake across from the finish line at Ruschmeyer's.

Photos by Yolanda Woodard

Checking in at Babylon.
Street shoes off, bike shoes on, time to ride!

Photos by Danny Lieberman

Barry on the Montauk volunteers pre-ride.
Rhonda "Miss Montauk" Wittorf with leader Ed Pino on the Montauk volunteers pre-ride.
Montauk Highway, nearing the finish. The Montauk volunteers pre-ride.
Joan rode the century with her brother and another friend.
The SAG Team getting fed late in the day.

Photos by Timothée Doutriaux and Elsa Lam

Timothée, en route to Montauk.
Elsa, en route to Montauk.
Timothée at the finish line: "I'm still full of energy."
Elsa: "That makes one of us."