5BBC - New York's Five Borough Bicycle Club


January - February 2008

Daytripper Column

November 11, 2007: Choco-Loco finale at Manhattan Bridge. Photo submitted by Danny Lieberman.

This is to formally introduce (or re-introduce) Ed Ravin and Ted Kushner as the new Day Trips Co-coordinators for 2008. Ed will be coordinating the "Series" rides, such as the Montauk training rides, Frostbites, Beach Bums, Perimeters et al; Ted will be handling the "regular" non series rides. We'd also like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Danny Lieberman for his efforts as Day Trips Coordinator during the past 4 years.  

Please note the following CHANGE IN DAY RIDE POLICY:

Beginning Monday, December 10, and every Monday thereafter, we are going to accept and publicize Day Ride listings on a week to week basis. In other words, 5BBC leaders will now be permitted to submit rides with each Monday being our deadline for the upcoming week. Our goal is to encourage the Club and its members to do what we do best: Go on bike rides! And to do so without the necessity of leaders planning or scheduling a ride 2 months in advance. The rides that are submitted each week will be publicized in the following ways: in the Weekly Updates; on the Club web site; on the Club's day trips phone "hotline", and on the club's Google based bulletin board. Day Rides will continue to be listed in BICYCLETTER, our fine newsletter, and those rides will be given priority in scheduling. Information pertaining to ride cancellations because of dire weather forecasts will be publicized by Friday of each week. Please read Ride descriptions for cancellation conditions.  

Questions? Comments? Write to daytrips@5bbc.org  

We'll see you on the road....  

Ed Ravin and Ted Kushner